Winners 2014/Brand Identity under £100,000 Silver

Project: Willie's Cacao

Client: Willie's Cacao

Design: BrandOpus

Willie’s Cacao is the only bean to bar chocolate brand in the UK, but its premium quality, local appeal and affordable prices weren’t delivering the growth it aspired to. BrandOpus helped it achieve its potential with a range-wide and product-specific redesign that opened the door to further product expansion.

The resulting design was a powerful, typographic brand mark to be used across the growing range of Willie’s Cacao. Clear distinctions between flavours were made with vibrant colours and percentage labels that enable easy navigation of the brand’s enticing portfolio.

Following the redesign, Willie’s Cacao have made a powerful imprint on the chocolate market. In Waitrose, its largest stockist, the brand saw stunning sales growth of 295%. The success allowed Willie’s Cacao to more than double its range and expand into overseas markets with a 116% sales boost abroad.