Winners 2014/Design for Society Silver

Project: Scotland Yard Adventure Centre

Client: Scotland Yard Adventure Centre

Design: Tayburn

Scotland Yard Adventure Centre, known as The Yard, provides indoor and outdoor adventure play facilities for children and young people with additional support needs. Their Annual Report is the main way they communicate with the public. With the company wanting to roll out nationally, the design and tone of their main communications tool needed to be rejuvenated.

Tayburn took a four-pronged approach: amending the Memorandum of Articles of Association; applying to the big lottery to investigate the model of expansion; conducting a social needs audit in five pilot areas; and putting in place a new staff structure.

As a result, The Yard increased donations from the corporate sector by over 100%. National television delivered £600,000 from DIY SOS The Big Build project alone. The market share has also increased, with the demand for services provided by The Yard now Scotland-wide, whereas previously it was limited to Edinburgh and Lothian’s.