Winners 2014/Events & Visitor Attractions Gold

Project: Science Museum Fundraiser Desk

Client: The Science Museum

Design: Universal Design Studio & Map

Universal Design Studio and MAP were asked to review The Science Museum’s entrance area and create a welcoming space that would help increase visitor donations. The renovations would support the museum’s ‘Visitor Giving’ initiative, which involved staff members greeting each visitor and inviting them to make a donation. 

While studying visitors’ movements, Universal Design Studio and MAP identified an excess of pathways that often caused customers to bypass both the museum’s fundraisers and its information desk. Universal Design Studio and MAP streamlined the reception hall and incorporated a two-stage entry system with bespoke desk installations featuring mirror-polished stainless steel in keeping with their contemporary surroundings.

As a result, visitors approached the fundraising desk before passing through to a central information point. The Science Museum reported that visitor donations increased by 80% and 67% more guidebooks were sold in the six-month period immediately following the installation.