Winners 2014/Exhibitions & Experiential Environments Bronze

Project: Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2012

Client: Royal Dutch Shell

Design: Imagination

The Shell Eco-marathon challenges high school and college students to design and build vehicles that can travel furthest on just one litre of fuel. In 2012, Shell sought to reinvent the challenge as a platform for more direct engagement with the public. One particular aim was to invite family audiences to the event for the first time.

Imagination was tasked with attracting 20,000 visitors over the four-day event, and to engage a global audience through social media. They needed to accomplish this on a paid-for media budget of less than £50,000. The consultancy’s response was ‘The Lab’, an experience that encouraged visitors to explore the world of energy.

40,000 visitors in total attended the Eco-marathon, and social media reach was in excess of 14 million. Crucially, sentiment analysis showed that 93% of posts were positive or neutral. The media opportunities and coverage generated was worth £5.7 million to Shell.