Winners 2014/The Grand Prix Gold, Grand Prix

Project: BEAR

Client: Urban Fresh Foods

Design: B&B Studio

A husband and wife team obsessed with fruit, sold their house and tasked B&B to create a family-focused dried fruit brand that made healthy, no-compromise snacking more accessible and more desirable.

BEAR has become the fastest growing brand in healthy snacking, delivering over 30million portions of fruit in the UK in 2012. Its pure and natural brand identity has convinced supermarkets to sit BEAR in the unbranded fresh produce aisle, which has been instrumental in helping consumers recognise dried fruit as one of their five a day. The brand has seen rapid sales growth from £0 to £6.4m in 3 years, smashing the sales target by 30% and increasing stockists from 500 to 10,000.

Beyond sales, BEAR has had a wider positive impact. By undertaking a multitude of initiatives they have limited their environmental impact, are tackling kids snacking behaviour and are providing employment for mothers in rural communities overseas by supplying fruit factories with onsite crèche facilities.