Winners 2014/Interiors / Retail Bronze

Project: Oxfam Store Redesign

Client: Oxfam International

Design: StartJG

Oxfam has set a bold target of raising an additional £13 million by 2022. To help achieve this, Oxfam asked StartJG to create a more engaging, distinctive and commercial retail experience embodying their work. The aim was to inspire more people to shop, donate and volunteer – ultimately driving sales.

StartJG focused on connecting visitors to Oxfam’s work and empowering people to make a difference. A clear message ‘Come in and change the world’ welcomes shoppers, and throughout the store touchpoints explain Oxfam’s work and impact. A tap simultaneously promotes Oxfam’s water initiative and merchandises products, and even hangers and fitting room mirrors contain inspiring messages. The design is flexible and scalable, which was really important to Oxfam.

In pilot stores sales were up 24%, outperforming 1% growth at comparable non-redesigned stores. That’s double the 12% target Oxfam set and three times the growth of the UK charity retail sector. One store has delivered a remarkable 135% increase in sales since it opened.