Winners 2014/International Export Award Silver

Project: Mama Natura

Client: DHU

Design: DewGibbons + Partners

In a move to launch the world’s first global brand of children’s homeopathic medicine, DHU commissioned DewGibbons + Partners to create a new business strategy that would encompass all of its existing natural remedies for children. The result would be a consistent identity for DHU’s numerous products previously sold under different names.

DewGibbons + Partners developed the new Mama Natura concept, drawing on a mother’s desire to nurture her child. The core statement evolved into “Mama Natura – the natural choice for your child” and products were united by a tree illustration and a soft colour palette.  The logo evokes the sense of wellbeing and growth the products can offer children, like those portrayed playing in the illustration.

Mama Natura was welcomed in one-third of countries with a pre-existing children’s range and its 10% reduction in production costs were met with a welcome 30% rise in overall average monthly sales value.