Winners 2014/Packaging. Branded Drink Silver

Project: Highland Spring

Client: Highland Spring

Design: 999 Design

In 2011, Highland Spring accounted for 10% of the UK’s bottled water market overall. The brand was struggling to fend off competition from Evian and Volvic, and suffered from being consistently outspent on marketing year-on-year. Base sales were also in decline, as consumers traded down to supermarket own-label waters and budget brands.

Based on consumer behaviour research, 999 Design undertook exhaustive colour selection to find a look that would catch the eye on shelves. The master logo was simplified and cradled by a bold sweeping arc of colour. A new coloured cap also creates an important point of design difference for the brand.

Highland Spring is now the number one brand of bottled water in the UK - a first for a UK brand. The relaunch brought more than 700,000 new shoppers to the bottled water category, increasing base value sales by over £2.9 million.