Winners 2014/Packaging. Branded Drink Silver

Project: Twinings Green Tea

Client: Twinings

Design: BrandOpus

Keen to build on its reputation for innovative tea blends, Twinings recruited BrandOpus to design seven new Twinings Green Tea variants that would cement its leadership position in the Green Tea category. The designs were to be confident and modern, appealing to both established Twinings’ fans and new customers.

BrandOpus sought to differentiate Twinings Green Tea from rival brands. Enlisting the help of fashion illustrator Tobie Giddio, BrandOpus deviated from the standard tea photography on packaging and introduced distinctive ink illustrations across a total of 17 green tea blends. The artistic aesthetic now looks unique on the shelf and is more likely to catch the eye of a prospective green tea drinker. 

Sales figures confirm the success of the designs. Twinings made a full return on its investment within seven months and overachieved on its original targets by 50%. Since the relaunch, Twinings’ share in the green tea market has increased by 5.8%.