Winners 2014/Print Design Silver

Project: Gold Medal Stamps

Client: Royal Mail

Design: True North

Stamp buying and collecting is waning in the face of digital communications, but the Royal Mail saw a unique opportunity to attract new and stagnant customers alike ahead of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Royal Mail challenged True North to develop a stamp product that could be sold during the Games, generating positive press in the process. True North’s initiative was to create a stamp for each new Gold Medal win by Great Britain. Speed to market was key to the project’s success, with each new stamp being made available by lunchtime the following day.

By focusing on the moment of triumph, True North succeeded in helping Royal Mail to stand out from the clutter of commemorative products. The concept enabled visitors to the Games to share their experiences with loved ones the world over, and in doing so exceeded Royal Mail’s original sales targets by 75%.