Winners 2014/Product Gold

Project: BT6500 Product Range

Client: BT

Design: Alloy

In 2012 Alloy and BT undertook a review of DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) devices sold, and developed a strategy that would reduce costs and maximise customisation. The 6500 range is the first expression of this strategy, providing practical experiential benefits to users, and utilising advanced technologies to block nuisance calls.

Launched in January 2013, Alloy’s design solution focused on design fundamentals to help and enable people by optimising technology around their needs, and to provide a better experience for the user. As a result of the new modular technology and design strategy, the 6500 is currently outselling the previous model by four times and has helped to increase BT’s overall market share to a two year high of 45.3%.

The 6500 range has had an immediate and significant impact on the market, becoming the No.1 selling device, outselling its competition by 79%, and becoming BT’s fastest selling device of all time.