Winners 2016/Food Producers Silver

Project: Creating Britain's Number One Gluten-Free Brand

Client: Genius Gluten Free

Design: Pearlfisher

Genius is an established presence in the UK’s gluten-free sector, but its previous identity was created pre-launch when it was a niche product in a rapidly developing market. Five years on, it needed to respond to growing market pressure and rebrand with the aim of becoming a household name in mainstream bakery, without alienating its passionate, gluten-free consumer base. The design solution amplified Genius’ bright, warm and inspirational personality and provided a platform on which to build its mass-market credentials.

The rebrand was so successful it enabled Genius to become the first gluten-free brand to go mass market. Within one year Genius became listed by every major UK supermarket and is now sold in seven countries. Exceptionally the thousands of additional distribution points Genius secured were within multiple retailers, including Tesco Express. Genius' rebranding has persuaded retailers to change established merchandising practices with Sainsbury's and ASDA, integrating Genius products alongside mass-market bakery products.