Winners 2016/Food Producers Silver

Project: Changing the Perception of Health and Wellness

Client: Strong Nutrients

Design: Pearlfisher

Challenger start-up brand Strong Nutrients needed to compete against established and popular brands, as well as private label brands, in the vitamins, minerals and supplements sector. With a desire to challenge consumers' perceptions of health and wellness, the resulting premium design has exceeded expectations on every level.

With no additional marketing, promotion or sales support, market distribution is double the original target and profits are three times the original objective. Strong Nutrients achieved a prestigious Selfridges listing in only 10 months and as a testament to the strength of the design, the brand has been able to launch with an average price point three times more than that of the competition. A return on investment was recouped in just six months and off the back of the success, the brand has been able to launch five new variants, whilst the design has provided a strong platform for new product development.