Winners 2016/Food Producers Gold

Project: Monty Bojangles

Client: The Monty Bojangles Company

Design: Springetts Brand Design Consultants

Under threat from retailer own-label products and in danger of being withdrawn by their largest single customer Waitrose, confectionary brand Monty Bojangles required strategic and creative thinking to completely re-present their chocolate truffles offer. Not only did the redesign ensure they gained ownable brand equity, but the premiumisation of the design allowed the business to restructure the Retail Selling Price and deliver an amazing gross profit increase.  

The successful redesign, which has the proposition ‘Curiously Moreish Little Taste Adventures’ at its heart, retained the critical Waitrose listings and improved retail distribution by securing Tesco, Co-op & Morrisons as new customers. Having had historically limited market penetration, the business can now viably offer seasonal product formats, positively affecting seasonal retail sales. The redesign has enabled the development of new product formats previously unavailable to Monty Bojangles and chiefly the Taste Adventures Assortments has achieved AYR listings in Morrisons.