Winners 2016/Household Goods & Home Construction Gold

Project: Buster Plughole Care

Client: Challs International

Design: Elmwood

Buster’s investment in design has elevated it from obscurity to a serious category contender in the last decade. However, the UK plughole category was still dominated by mega brands and despite having four principal products, Buster was heavily reliant on one of these for 80% of sales. With the aim of creating a platform for sustained growth, a compelling brand proposition was required to persuade consumers to buy all of its products and offer further appeal to retailers.

In a sector where consumers are normally faced with a wall of power graphics, Buster challenged category norms and contrasted with simple, calm design and a change of tone, becoming No.1 plughole brand in the UK market and reducing its heavy reliance on sales of one of its products. Sales are up over 50% in a market growing by 13.9% and listings have been secured in five new international markets. The workforce has increased by 20% off the back of the success.