Winners 2016/Household Goods & Home Construction Silver

Project: Ora Kitchen Towels

Client: Better All Round

Design: Acumen Design Associates

British consumer goods company Better All Round took on the enormous challenge of taking a product idea from concept through to commercial success, and collaborated with their agency to create the world’s first round paper kitchen towel, in order to reduce the waste of traditional paper towel product designs.

The innovative design, with its eye-catching conical shape, has disrupted the kitchen towel market and revolutionised this established category, which is worth $12billion globally. ‘Ora’ is now available in 1,500 Tesco stores. It is easier and more hygienic for the consumer to use, takes up less of the retailer’s shelf space, is kinder to the environment and commands a premium price point in a market where there has been little or no innovation. One roll takes up 50% less space than two conventional rolls - thus requiring 30% less lorries to transport the same number of sheets/rolls and therefore 20% less packaging.