Winners 2016/Media Silver

Project: Jump In!

Client: Pearlfisher

Design: Pearlfisher

Created as an alternative to the traditional creative agency Christmas greeting, ‘Jump In!’ helped to spread festive cheer using the power of play to inspire clients and reinvigorate staff, raising awareness of Pearlfisher and fundraise for charity. The reaction was astonishing, exceeding expectations.

The immersive art installation became an international phenomenon, generating over 15,000 booking requests (98% above objective) and received over 750,000 shares on social media. This resulted in international press, with ‘Jump In!’ appearing in over 150 features in major media outlets including The Times, CNN, NBC, Huffington Post and The Independent. The charitable donations objective was exceeded by 600% and ‘Jump In!’ brought in five new projects, which have increased Pearlfisher’s annual revenue by 15%. Newsletter subscribers have grown by over 400% and a new business opportunity to create a secondary annual revenue channel and further charitable donations has been unearthed.