Winners 2016/Travel & Leisure Bronze

Project: The Fitness Garage

Client: Fitness Garage

Design: WPA Pinfold

Launching into a very competitive market traditionally dominated by both national and public sector operators; new, independent fitness gym Fitness Garage had to be unique in order to differentiate. The challenge was to develop a proposition, positioning and brand to successfully launch as a specialist boutique gym that could effectively compete in the UK market, where over 6,000 fitness facilities are already operating.

The name Fitness Garage was inspired by the concept’s industrial setting, a functional approach to fitness and describes a place you can bring your body for complete conditioning. The brand concept plays an important role throughout the business, such as the gym being called ‘the bodyshop’. Following its launch, original membership targets were met within the first six months and continued to rise, exceeding targets by over 60%. Class attendance is at 90% capacity and member retention after 18 months is running at 69% - more than double the industry average.