Winners 2017/Financial Services Bronze

Project: Lloyds Clapham Junction

Client: Lloyds Banking Group

Design: M Worldwide

The way we do our banking is changing and for banks to be relevant in today’s world they need to change with us. Lloyds Bank evolved their proposition with a design concept at their new branch in Clapham Junction.

Previous branch designs have focused on efficiency keep queues and interactions as brief as possible. But with ever-more transactions now completed online, the new branch concept turned conventional thinking on its head: increasing footfall and dwell time, taking the banking experience from functional to experiential. Embodying the brand proposition ‘For Your Next Step’, the spacious and welcoming environment is now the benchmark for future branch initiatives.

The customer experience and design deliver a personalised, intimate service. By creating an environment where customers can get excited about what their money can do for them, 99% of those surveyed said the design was better than other shops or banks, and over 80% said their opinion of Lloyds Bank had improved as a result.