Winners 2017/Media Gold

Project: Customer Retention Journey

Client: Financial Times

Design: 999 Design

In two months, generated over £26,000 in savings with a single new email design. is one of the few profit-making broadsheets, but it relies heavily on digital subscriptions to offset falling ad revenues. It commissioned the redesign of its renewal notification email to increase customer retention, reduce churn rates and drive engagement.

By moving away from the traditional ‘letter’ design format and adopting a more illustrative design with graphics, successfully communicated the benefits of renewing your subscription in an easy-to-decipher, engaging way for busy readers with on-the-go lives.

The results of the two-month test were overwhelmingly positive. With an 18% reduction in cancellations - well up on the 10% target - an 87% renewal rate and a 200% increase in ‘engagement related’ email clicks, the new approach is being implemented across the business with FT projecting an additional £312,000 of revenue, which will be saved over the first year.