Winners 2017/Support Services Silver

Project: Sapience HR Rebrand

Client: Sapience HR

Design: Absolute

With companies typically using Sapience HR when desperate to solve an ‘emergency’ staffing problem,  it wanted to change business culture and convince clients to invest in prevention rather than cure, moving the focus of new business relationships to proactive and strategic, rather than reactive.

Channelling a new strapline, ‘Empowering People, Unleashing Success’, an inspiring positioning that appealed to ambitious companies was created for Sapience. The design reiterated this idea through ‘straight talking’ visual language.

New clients immediately understood and trusted the brand and in less than a year the team saw a change in their sales patterns – confidently upselling to clients in one call rather than needing several meetings.

In just 10 months, turnover rose 45%, the number of new clients grew by 24% and existing client spend jumped 22%. Clients are already buying into Sapience HR’s high-yield strategic offering and to meet this demand, the business has hired another member of staff.