Winners 2018/Beverages Gold

Project: Seedlip: The art of nature

Client: Seedlip

Design: Pearlfisher

In just three months, this non-alcoholic spirit’s sales volumes smashed launch forecasts by 900%, with 10,000 bottles sold, thanks to a creative and authentic design.

Aiming to solve the dilemma of ‘what-to-drink-when-you’re-not-drinking’, Seedlip’s founder wanted it to stand as a credible and sophisticated social drink, but budget constraints meant that the brand and design alone needed to tell the story.

Drawing on the 17th century distillation process used in production and the founder’s family farm, the design solution features an artful arrangement of the drink’s botanical ingredients.

Seedlip now has a beautiful design with integrity, which it is using to change drinking perceptions. Its first crucial listing at Selfridges was based solely on the design and it subsequently became the store’s bestselling spirit, despite being non-alcoholic. Seedlip’s year one revenue target was smashed by 1,900% and over 350 listings were secured within six months. From a one-man band at start, the team has grown to 15 and it is also the first non-alcoholic drink that Diageo has taken a stake in.