Winners 2018/Education Gold

Project: Our planet in our hands

Client: Homeward Bound

Design: Elmwood

With women representing just 15% of roles in science leadership teams, Homeward Bound embarked on a mission to drive diversity.

The initiative involved a year-long awareness campaign and a 20-day expedition to Antarctica. It had a powerful message – that women need to be heard to influence how our planet is cared for – but an emotive identity was needed to make an impact and inspire others.

A brand identity centred on a hand drawn ‘X’ and ‘O’ was created and by giving the movement an overarching message: ‘Mother Nature Needs Her Daughters’ the campaign was taken to another level. It enabled them to spark more than 450 million conversations across the globe – all without any media or advertising spend.

The brand helped launch a global movement, which has had more than the cumulative media coverage recorded for women in science – ever. Hundreds of women have already signed up to the next expedition, which is set to be recorded in a book.