Winners 2018/Food Producers Silver

Project: Becoming NOMADIC

Client: Nomadic Dairy

Design: Carter Wong Design

Fifteen years after its launch as an original 'breakfast on-the-go' product, Rumblers encountered fierce competition and was losing relevance. The future of parent company The Different Dairy Company, was in jeopardy. A radical transformation was needed.

With the Different Dairy Company's growing complexity and instability, the aim was to develop a coherent, relevant umbrella brand for the business, which could respond to modern lifestyles and seriously compete.

With the launch of new consumer brand NOMADIC, and new company brand The Nomadic Dairy Company in 2014 the whole business was refocused. The NOMADIC concept provided a singular brand narrative. Inspired by consumer demands for exotic, healthy and convenience foods, the brand was in tune with modern lifestyles and has commercial relevance.

Not only has the business survived, sales have grown by 54% in just three years. NOMADIC became the No. 2 yoghurt brand in convenience stores, and after a 10 year hiatus, is back on Sainsbury's buyers' list.