Winners 2018/Food Producers Bronze

Project: Golden Eggs

Client: Mars

Design: Elmwood

Galaxy was determined to give Cadbury Mini Eggs a run for their money with a small sharing bag. It wouldn’t be easy – the 90g bag of Mini Eggs accounted for over 46% of the total market.

Galaxy’s rival concept was ‘Golden Eggs’, but they needed a visual identity that would elicit a strong emotional response and dial up their product’s key point of difference – that the eggs were dusted in gold, not wrapped in fiddly foil.

The design evokes a sense of indulgence and newness and conveys the high quality of the product. Its visual brand language also appeals emotionally and emphasises its premium feel, standing out against competitors’ childlike imagery.

Golden Eggs has since become the fastest growing small sharing item, having grown at a rate of 32% since launch. Brand value shot up to £8.5 million in just two years, and they are now the second most popular choice after Mini Eggs, beating Cadbury Mini Creme Eggs.