Winners 2018/Health Care Equipment & Services Silver

Project: Body Sculpture

Client: Hi Mark International - Body Sculpture

Design: WPA Pinfold

Once a value brand and now a key international player – all down to a new, sophisticated design.

Body Sculpture is a Taiwanese brand with a range of fitness equipment. Sold to Western markets since the 1990s, its market share was being eroded by other brands under-cutting on price. With just a four-month turnaround timescale, a strategic repositioning of the range was undertaken to differentiate from the competition, drive premiumisation and create strong on-shelf and online impact.

Positioning the product as the hero of the brand with a punchy palette of black and red, the design was simple, honest and stylish whilst its adaptability enabled it to be applied to over 200 packs.

Product demand immediately increased after the rebrand. It meant that Sainsbury’s increased its shelf space from 1.2m wide to 1.8m, helping Body Sculpture’s sales grow 20% year-on-year. Turnover has risen by 21%, and profit has surged 34% in 18 months. The brand has also gained territories in Spain and France.