Winners 2018/Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Silver

Project: Inovox Express

Client: USP Zdrowie

Design: Creative Leap

As a new challenger sore-throat lozenge brand, Inovox needed to engage pharmacists and consumers to quickly gain distribution and market share in Poland.

The sore throat market is the 2nd biggest in Polish pharmacies, and the shelf is extremely cluttered with lozenges. It wouldn’t be an easy market to break into, but Inovox noticed a gap in the market. Competitors tended to focus on the scientific benefits of the ingredients, but Inovox wanted to evoke an emotional response by concentrating on the fast, effective results.

Drawing on laughter, a distinctive look and feel was created, with the visual identity centred on the idea of the voice made visible as sound waves.

The design ensures Inovox is an instantly recognisable brand. It is now number four in the non-herbal sore throat lozenge category, gaining a 6.5% market share, some of which is from big players like Strepsils. It is sold in 80% of Polish pharmacies and the design investment was recouped in just one month.