Winners 2018/Public Sector Gold

Project: YPO: Public Value Champions

Client: YPO

Design: Thompson Brand Partners

Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) is a buying organisation with the purpose of getting better deals for its members – local government and educational establishments.

With the opportunity to trade nationally for the first time, its new board had a vision for it to become the number one public sector buying organisation. But it had to reengage staff and become recognised nationally to have any chance of competing.

Following extensive stakeholder research, a new proposition, ‘Public Value Champions’ as well as a simplified name ‘YPO’ were introduced. New branding was rolled out across the business delivering a more modern, sophisticated personality to the organisation, to enable it to compete on a national level.

Following the rebrand, YPO successfully raised its profile on a national scale. Between 2012 and 2016, associate members increased from 12 to 63 – that’s a 384% growth. YPO has since increased dividends paid to the public sector by 27.3% and given £2,000,000 back to schools. 57 new jobs have been created and a commitment to employee engagement has seen 50% less time lost through staff sickness.