Winners 2018/Travel & Leisure Bronze

Project: Repositioning Glasgow Prestwick Airport

Client: Glasgow Prestwick Airport

Design: Stand

To shake off its dated, tired image, Glasgow Prestwick Airport needed a single brand to cover all the services it supplies. The design needed to deliver synergy across the business and ultimately make it a serious competitor in its sector.

Following an in-depth consultation, a design strategy was developed that weaves connectivity, agility and a ‘boutique’ user experience. Drawing on Scottish heritage, they created a design inspired by tartan and plaid, with modern graphics to hint at the airport’s forward-thinking ambition.

Following the rebrand, a passenger survey found that over 60% of respondents felt their experience of passing through the airport had improved. And 74% of employees felt the rebrand was a good reflection of the airport, with 90% responding with ‘Agree’ or ‘Strongly Agree’ when asked if they felt a ‘personal attachment to the company’ – quite a result for a business which had experienced long-term lack of investment and had just come back from the brink of closure.