Winners 2019/ Bronze

Project: 22 Street Lane Nursery

Client: 22 Street Lane Nursery

Design: Elmwood

Entrepreneurs Simon and Caroline Pollard wanted to take nursery care to the next level. They were opening up a nursery on one of Leeds most desirable streets and would be offering a premium level of care. But with no background in early years education, the nursery’s branding needed to attract the very best staff and parents willing to pay a premium price for their childcare. 

Avoiding the primary-colours and childish graphics normally associated with childcare, 22 Street Lane Nursery takes its cues from luxury and resort branding to appeal to a more discerning clientele and their children. From uniforms to the colour palette, the brand design informs how the services and environment are brought to life. 

The differentiated design has been the foundation for growth. While the building was still in development behind a façade, a branded hoarding led to 650 parents signing up their children and two and half years on from opening, there’s a waiting list until 2021. The branding also attracted quality staff, with 1,400 applications received for 36 staff vacancies before the nursery was built.