Winners 2019/ Bronze

Project: AND Digital Identity

Client: AND Digital

Design: Elmwood

Three years after launch, ANDigital’s growth potential was being hindered. The company’s offer differed to your standard digital start-up, but this wasn’t being clearly communicated, making it difficult to achieve stand out amongst larger, global competitors.

The business produces digital solutions and teaches in-house teams how to maintain these. They do the work and teach how to live without their support. By honing-in on the idea of people AND technology, the word ‘AND’ was liberated in the existing, slightly clumsy company name and heroed. With its new name ‘AND Digital’, engaging tone of voice and vibrant identity, which playfully leverage ‘AND’ as a bold device for multiple messaging, the business’ personality and compelling offer are more clearly articulated, delivering standout and resonating with clients.

Client numbers leapt 322% in less than 18 months and company turnover doubled in the year after rebrand from £14 million to £28 million. In less than five years from starting-up AND has attracted high-calibre clients including Eurostar, Telegraph and PWC, has a workforce approaching 400 people and has attracted a number of acquisition enquiries.