Winners 2019/ Bronze

Project: Campaign Identity and Chatbot

Client: Shelter Scotland

Design: 999 Design

To engage Scottish tenants and landlords with new legislation coming into effect in 2017, Shelter Scotland received a government grant to generate awareness around the reforms. It was important that tenants and landlords could get to grips with the legislation without overwhelming Shelter Scotland’s helpline, which already received more calls than they could answer.

The engaging creative solution worked effectively across print, digital and social channels. ‘New House Rules’ was the mantra for the three-month long, integrated campaign, and this was brought to life through a distinctive illustrative style and household objects-centred messaging.

The creation of a chatbot assistant and new campaign landing page were central to the solution. Answering questions around the legislation, they have reduced strain on the helpline. The original objective was to reduce calls by 25%; a 94.5% reduction was achieved, which in only three months saved the organisation £180,000.

YouGov poll results showed awareness of the new laws leapt from 25% to 54% following the campaign and the chatbot has been so successful it’s being further developed to deal with more queries.