Winners 2019/ Bronze

Project: Bomonti Beer

Client: Anadolu EFES

Design: Brown & Co

Following a fall in sales in 2015, Turkey’s oldest beer brand Bomonti had dropped its only can format from its range. But two years later, the Bomonti Fabrika 50cl can was to be resurrected and needed to be completely redesigned.

To generate sales, strength of design and distinctiveness would be fundamental to achieve shelf stand-out, especially in the context of Turkey’s highly restrictive alcohol marketing environment, where above-the-line advertising isn’t allowed, and attention can’t be drawn to a product or pack in any way in shops and supermarkets.

The new design, which brings the can’s visual language into line with the brand’s ‘Live Your Own Way’ positioning and incorporates Bomonti’s brand character of being authentic, creative and exploratory, has vastly exceeded expectations.

Launching just before the holy month of Ramadan, a period during which beer sales normally drop in Turkey by 30%, sales have outstripped all objectives despite this and after just six months exceeded annual sales targets by 119%. The new can has been directly attributable to a market share uplift of around 50% for the whole Fabrika portfolio.