Winners 2019/ Bronze

Project: Green Heroes

Client: Berrywood Primary School

Design: The Canopy Studio

Education project Green Heroes is a first-of-its-kind. Designed to enhance primary school children’s awareness of environmental issues, it has been featured on The Parliamentary Review and Royal Horticultural Society websites as an example of best educational practice.

Initially the aim was to develop an environmental film showcasing the environmental work and learnings of the pupils of Berrywood School. But a wider opportunity to create a distinctive social and environmental awareness educational brand around their school projects was identified, and Green Heroes was born. 

Built around the concept of ‘a school within a garden’, a striking identity and campaign story incorporating headlines such as “Our future’s no playground”, were created. The school learning areas were redesigned to encourage creative and collaborative thinking, and a newly designed website helps promote the initiative.

With 12 schools now participating, Green Heroes has excited children’s imaginations and is so successful a fulltime Environmental Learning Leader has been appointed by Berrywood School. Parent approval of the school learning environment is up 15%, with two thirds of parents rating it ten out of ten in feedback.