Winners 2019/ Bronze

Project: Halifax Flagship, Oxford Street

Client: Lloyds Banking Group

Design: The Honest Brand

The way people do their banking is changing. Digital interactions are skyrocketing, whilst in-branch counter usage is falling 11% annually. Against this landscape Lloyds Banking Group is re-imagining the traditional, transactional banking model as part of a new strategic objective to deliver differentiated branch experiences for each of their brands.

Oxford Street is the first iteration for the Halifax brand. The flagship needed to showcase the brand at its very best; its products, services and knowledge presented within the most un-bank-like customer experience.

Using intense research and co-creation to discover real customer needs, the flagship branch – imagined as Halifax ‘Home’ – challenges the idea of what a bank should be. It brings the experience into the 21st century with an engaging, inviting environment for its customers which has seen service levels enhanced and self-service usage leap. Traditional branch journeys aren’t ignored – just delivered in more playful ways – and the brand’s heritage as the leading UK mortgage lender is brought to life across a space that provides a much more immersive and memorable experience for customers.