Winners 2019/ Bronze

Project: SlimFast Advanced Vitality

Client: SlimFast UK

Design: Costen Creative

With growing trends in health, wellbeing and nutrition, leading meal replacement brand SlimFast looked to attract a broader demographic audience. Research had identified demand for a premium offering with a holistic health advantage, and in response the new SlimFast Advanced Vitality Shakes range was developed using scientifically advanced ingredients.

Aiming to bring new consumers to the weight loss category, the challenge for the range’s pack design was to attract an age 25 to 55 female target demographic, whilst differentiating from the existing SlimFast portfolio to avoid cannibalisation.

The design broke category conventions, delivering massive visual impact on shelf with its fresh, vibrant colours and foil pouch pack format; the broad-face of which affords space to the range’s holistic and wellbeing benefits.

The eye-catching pack reflects a premium price point and is appealing to the target audience. The range is going from strength-to-strength, growing the category, increasing SlimFast’s total sales and brand share. Significantly 87% of sales are incremental to the category and 96% are incremental to SlimFast. Without the range the category would be flat, with all other competitors down year-on-year.