Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: Blue Dragon

Client: AB World Foods

Design: BrandOpus

Back in the 1970s Blue Dragon had been a pioneer in Asian food. Today, with a transformed restaurant scene, shoppers are more accustomed to world flavours and are increasingly seeking to relive these experiences at home.

To capitalise on the opportunity, retailers are launching their own Asian offerings and Blue Dragon’s competition is growing. It needed to strengthen and modernise its brand to increase relevance and maintain its position as market leader.

Capturing the sizzle, spice and crunch behind Oriental food, Blue Dragon’s new branding, visual identity and pack design evoke the vibrancy, modernity and excitement of today’s Asian cuisines. The inspiring photography and colourful packs catch the eye and provide clear variant differentiation on shelf.

Category leadership has been reaffirmed and Blue Dragon’s premium position justified. Unit growth is up 12% and household penetration at 35% is the highest it’s been in three years.

Consumer response has also been excellent. Qualitative research shows positive shifts in immediate impact and memorability, with the new packaging demonstrating a 12% increase in stand-out and a 9% increase in differentiation and modern appearance.