Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: Branding for The Primal Pantry

Client: The Primal Pantry

Design: Midday

How do you create mass-market appeal with a new, unfamiliar and physically unattractive product? That was the challenge for first-time entrepreneur Suzie Walker, who was bringing a healthy, raw snack product to market.

Pricey ingredients and low margins meant the start-up business – The Primal Pantry – would need to sell the bars at volume and at a higher price than competitors to be commercially viable. Strong branding and packaging would be essential in creating desirability and stand out. 

‘Elegant simplicity’ was the brand concept developed for The Primal Pantry. The polished, minimalist look of the design expresses ‘healthy’, differentiating it from the prevalent distressed/artisan look of competitors and giving the brand shelf presence.

Smashing its aim to turnover £1 million by the end of year three, The Primal Pantry actually achieved £1.7 million and £2 million in year four. It now sells in over 7,000 distribution points across the UK including Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and WH Smith. Sales of £510,000 in 20 international markets were achieved in year three – over twice the export target.