Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: EE Showcase Store Design

Client: EE

Design: Quinine

EE, the largest mobile network in the UK, is operating in a challenging retail market. Acquired by BT in 2016, a new store design was commissioned to position it as a forward thinking, modern, digital brand.

An uplifting store environment was designed to provide customers with an immersive space in which to explore and interact with products and services. The traditional store layout was re-configured and new design features are encouraging higher levels of interaction.

The Showcase ‘stage’, which is visible from the street, provides a space for curated brand experiences from partners such as Apple and Samsung and is drawing in customers, driving up sales and delivering a wider halo effect from the experiential promotions.

Initially five Showcase stores were opened, but they’ve performed so well the format is currently being rolled out to a further 48 stores. The Showcase stores are attracting a larger, tech-savvy, younger audience, they’re achieving higher conversion rates and have improved the average transaction value versus control stores. NPS scores have also increased, taking EE into the ‘excellent’ band.