Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: Elephant in the Room

Client: Fourth Wave Wines

Design: Denomination

Small, independent wine producer, Fourth Wave Wine was growing steadily, but its presence in larger retail outlets was limited.

In 2016 an opportunity arose to range a new brand with Australia’s largest retailer, Endeavour Drinks Group (EDG). If successful, it could drive a mutually beneficial relationship and gain market traction for the wine producer.

Capitalising on a gap in the market for ‘out of vogue’ full bodied/more oaked wine, the name, identity and packaging of the new brand needed to reflect the wine style and achieve cut-through. The ‘lack of interest’ and the ‘big’ style of the wine underpinned the creative strategy – the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ – and the packaging carries a level of fun, detail and sophistication target consumers love.

The new brand was not only a huge success in EDG stores, it also became the fastest selling Pinot Noir in Australia. Demand has seen the brand grow to six varietals and extended into a slimline can format. It’s now exported to ten countries and has been a game changer for the business; Fourth Wave’s sales have tripled, and its gross profit has doubled.