Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: The Govan Community Project

Client: The Govan Community Project

Design: Good

A small charity in Glasgow provided essential help integrating vulnerable people into the local area and tackling poverty. Thousands of migrants and conflict-refugees were arriving into the South of Glasgow, but growing demand on the charity’s services had led it to near insolvency and an injection of income was urgently needed.

The charity’s culture and finances have been transformed by brand strategy and design which refocused the organisation’s energy and messaging on securing funding, rather than on labour-intensive community fundraising activities.

With its new name ‘The Govan Community Project’, identity and articulation of its purpose, the charity talks clearly and confidently to each of its radically different target audiences – Third Sector professionals, the local Govan community, as well as refugees and migrants – and it’s led directly to a succession of funding wins.  

Income increased by 120%, which was a turnaround of £118,730 and three times the original target. The charity’s full-time team has leapt from four to 14, enabling 2,600 more hours of asylum advice and support, and crucially 850 more refugees have been helped.