Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: Third Space Rebrand

Client: Third Space

Design: Without

Once one of London’s coolest gyms, Third Space’s growth had stalled. Low-cost gyms and pay-as-you-go boutiques were disrupting the market, leaving traditional gym memberships looking tired. To sustainably grow its business, Third Space needed to illustrate the value of its club membership model beyond fees and obligations.

Investing in design, the brand was repositioned as a premium offer, with a value proposition that went beyond cost and convenience. Breaking with the language of traditional gyms with its fresh voice and new look, Third Space became an aspirational investment for London’s urban elite. Its contemporary, new identity extends across every part of the customer experience from member communications to interior environment and website.

By building the perceived value of the brand, Third Space has been able to increase prices, whilst growing demand and improving member retention. Turnover leapt 38% in the three years since rebrand; earnings per member jumped 36% and membership enquiries doubled. Redesigned as part of the rebrand, the food business now turns over £2 million and Third Space is expanding, opening new clubs and growing its team by 100.