Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: Häagen-Dazs Redesign

Client: General Mills

Design: LOVE.

Once the luxury ice cream of choice, by 2015 Häagen-Dazs was in trouble. In a thriving category, the brand wasn’t growing and was losing market share. A dramatic increase in consumer appeal was needed to reconnect with a younger demographic and reignite growth.

Starting with a new future-facing packaging design which delivers powerful shelf-stand out, every brand touchpoint has been reinvigorated. The contemporary new design for the brand’s global retail shops, the artful use of illustration, the introduction of limited-edition designs along with accessible new smaller format products for the health conscious have resonated with millennials who now perceive the brand to be more ‘modern’ and ‘indulgent’. 

In the year after Häagen-Dazs’ redesign, UK sales increased 37% against an objective of 10%, whilst market share grew by 1.7% against a target of 1%. With more younger consumers attracted to the brand, penetration has doubled from 10% to 20%.

Refurbished stores have delivered sales increases of 23% and the flexible, scalable format is being rolled out globally. With the new retail spaces packed full of Instagrammable moments, there’s been a 500% explosion in social media engagements.