Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: Kenco

Client: Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Design: Design Bridge

Coffee consumption may be soaring in the UK, but not when it comes to instant. In 2016, 685 million less cups of instant coffee were drunk compared to the previous year.

As one of the original UK coffee brands and firmly associated with instant, Kenco was at risk of losing relevance. It looked to re-assert its credibility through a new identity and packaging design.

The design would need to move it away from being perceived as a pure instant brand, improve its shelf impact and grow Kenco through penetration. Boosting its taste and quality associations would be key.

The result is a confident, harmonised design that celebrates the brand’s rich heritage, whilst fitting with 21st century coffee shop and craft brand design codes. Perception has been enhanced with key brand equities of ‘heritage’, ‘quality’ and ‘expertise’ improving by over 14% in quantitative concept testing.

While the instant coffee market shrunk in volume by 4%, Kenco achieved 13% growth in value sales in the year after redesign. The brand reached an additional one million households in 2017 and distribution is up 6%.