Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: Paxman Scalp Cooling System

Client: Paxman Coolers

Design: The Engine Room

Paxman Coolers design and manufacture a hair loss prevention system for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Hair loss is a feared effect of chemotherapy, but awareness of ‘cold-cap’ treatment is low. In order to enter the US market, Paxman needed to present a world-class brand in the marketplace. 

A new identity, website and communications tools were originally commissioned, but an initial research stage revealed key insights which led to a new strategy being advised. Building the brand around the business’ technical excellence saw Paxman move from ‘haircare brand’ to ‘technology business’, a shift that not only repositioned Paxman but subsequently changed the language and positioning of the entire sector.

With a bold proposition and authoritative, credible design, Paxman attracted 440 new shareholders, raising the finance required to enter the US market. Paxman has rapidly taken the lead in the US sector with 170 machines installed in centres versus key competitor, Dignitana’s 107. Global turnover increased from £1.9 million in 2015 to £3.5 million in 2018, staff numbers have nearly tripled and design is now a core element of Paxman’s strategy.