Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: Parodontax

Client: GlaxoSmithKline

Design: Interbrand

GSK’s global brand parodontax (aka Corsodyl in the UK) is a toothpaste that tackles gum disease. The brand retails at double the category price, but its identity and packaging didn’t support this. With planned USA market entry and ambitious growth plans, it was clear a change was needed, especially as 42% of decisions in the category are made in-store.

The new design is a simple and elegant solution that befits the brand’s premium price and makes it stand out in the category. Compellingly communicating the brand promise to ‘Leave Bleeding Gums Behind’, a dissipation graphic device visually represents the reduction of bleeding gums, with a colour gradation signifying the transition to healthy gums.

Not only did the new design exceed all one-year objectives, but parodontax is almost single-handedly driving growth of the entire gum health sector. It is now the fastest growing global toothpaste brand in the world and has achieved massive success in the US market, where others have failed. In the UK market, share has doubled and in Italy and Russia, parodontax has achieved its highest ever market share.