Winners 2019/ Silver

Project: Thirsty Planet

Client: Harrogate Water Brands

Design: Thompson Brand Partners

For every bottle sold, ethical water brand Thirsty Planet guarantees a donation to charity Pump Aid, who use it to enable communities in sub-Saharan Africa to access clean, safe water. In 2016, sales had started to slow. With ambitious targets to increase donations to charity by at least 20%, Thirsty Planet’s owner looked to develop the brand and packaging to drive better performance.

With a new positioning, a stronger strapline ‘The power of positive drinking’ and a design that’s fun whilst allowing the brand to be campaigning without being too shouty, it’s now clear what Thirsty Planet stands for. Production costs were also kept down, ensuring maximum proceeds reach the charity. 

Since redesign, sales to key retail accounts have soared (at Ocado they are up 250%), and high-profile listings with organisations such as IKEA have been secured.

Outperforming market growth of 7%, Thirsty Planet’s like-for-like annual sales increased by 38% in the year after redesign, whilst donations to Pump Aid increased by 64% from £70,900 to £116,400. This was treble the target and has helped significantly more people have the ability to access safe water.