Winners 2020/ Bronze

Project: BEARFACE Brand Design

Client: Mark Anthony Brands International

Design: Pearlfisher

Challenging conventions, a bold newcomer in the emerging, super-premium Canadian whisky sector attracted a modern consumer on the strength of its evocative branding and design. With no additional marketing or PR support it secured 47% of category volume and surpassed sales targets by 100% in its first year.  

Mark Anthony Brands’ vision was to launch a premium, progressive whisky into the Canadian marketplace; a market which is seen to lag behind Irish and Scotch whiskies in reputation but provides opportunity for innovation with less stringent production regulations. 

The name, identity and packaging design of the new BEARFACE brand are rooted in a refusal to conceal the process behind Canadian whisky. In articulating the ‘Hide nothing, fear nothing’ mission of the brand, Pearlfisher’s design for BEARFACE attracts a contemporary audience by evoking the adventurous, honest spirit of modern Canada. 

With a strong shelf presence, BEARFACE rose from zero to number two in sales value in the Canadian whisky category in the year following launch, and number four by volume in the super-premium Canadian whisky category. The brand’s transforming the reputation of Canadian whisky, with international distribution beginning a year earlier than planned.