Winners 2020/ Bronze

Project: Cottage Delight Redesign

Client: Cottage Delight

Design: BrandOpus

Shifting its image from old-fashioned to modern, condiments brand Cottage Delight re-established its relevance with consumers and achieved a cash margin increase in sales of 27.7% in the year after redesign.

The brand had been suffering from dwindling sales and the loss of key accounts. Despite the explosion of foodie culture in the UK, it was losing share to newer brands with its dated design. Aiming to return to growth, Cottage Delight collaborated with BrandOpus to address this perception issue.

Embracing the idea of celebration and inspired by street fetes and food festivals, a new identity and packaging design have meaningfully embedded food culture into the brand. Positioning Cottage Delight around culinary discovery and delight reframed the brand in the eyes of both trade customers and consumers and delivered a 12.3% increase in new customers. Crucially, de-listed business was also won back following the redesign. 

With the identity’s core visual bunting device creating an eye-catching presence on shelf and the new pack design aiding range navigation, year-on-year revenue increased £150,000. The exciting, celebratory brand narrative conveyed across all touchpoints engages consumers, and Instagram followers increased 153% on the previous year after Cottage Delight’s redesign.