Winners 2020/ Bronze

Project: Plant Kitchen

Client: Marks & Spencer

Design: Coley Porter Bell

In communicating its great taste through its branding, M&S Food’s new Plant Kitchen range entered the market strongly, achieving 1.5% household penetration versus competitor Tesco’s 0.5% for its own-label plant-based range.

Wanting to capitalise on rising plant-based eating trends, M&S developed a vegan range of 60 plant-based foods. The challenge was to create a brand identity for the range that would give it mass market appeal by reflecting its flavour, helping change consumer perceptions of vegan food from ‘tasteless’ to ‘tasty’. 

Coley Porter Bell’s design for Plant Kitchen takes inspiration from street food and celebrates the natural goodness of plants. The category defining blue palette is ownable, yet distinct from other M&S ranges, and the brand’s name, identity and pack design communicate the deliciousness of the products. 

As a result, the range has successfully attracted flexitarians looking to lower their meat intake, bringing new and younger customers to M&S since its launch in January 2019. 1.5 million unique customers came instore to purchase Plant Kitchen, nearly one third of which were new to M&S Food, and the range has achieved greater customer penetration than any other longer running supermarket vegan range on the market.